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Unless I missed it (that is entirely possible) I didn't see a salary range posted for the position.  I expect it may be divulged after applying,  perhaps only to the top ~ten applicants.
Filling out an application isn't taxing, but it is time consuming.    Most people would want an idea of the range - at least the base - before filling out the profile and application.  Moving from Florida (or anywhere) is expensive a few years after college.

I assumed ESRI would pay far better than Florida state and most county and city governments.  When I looked up ESRI and salaries I found far more negative comments (on and  than I expected.  Overall ESRI had an average of 3/5 as a desirable workplace.  Low salary and chances to advance were the top complaints.    They aren't as bad as Dillards or Comcast (which has finished dead last as an employer), but clearly not perfect.  Management was often criticized. Many of the commenters (negative or positive)  had poor spelling and command of the English language ( all were born in the USA as far as I could tell).  I expected ESRI GIS wizards at ESRI to be technically and linguistically proficient  - like Stan  Hammer and Linc Clay (for those of you that worked with either of both of them).

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