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Has anyone else had trouble getting a plot in HPGL2 format to print on a Z610042PS plotter?  Or any HP plotter?  This is over the network, but the network is not the problem
This started ~ two months ago.  I've often had to go through HP's "print sender," now called "HP Instant Printing 3,"  but that is not working on HPGL2 plots now.
If I send it to the HP Post Script Driver  (same device, but a different driver on the same port) it comes out happily.   This makes little sense to me.   HPGL2 plots will pile up in the queue.  Logging in to the plotter's HTML interface and insisting the plots go or restart does nothing.  After a time cursing at the plotter is unrewarding.

One solution is to use PS all the time, but it has quirks I don't like.  For instance, I can't rotate an ANSI D plot to use uses less paper.  Post Script plots are always huge in  comparison to the leaner, more direct HPGL(N)  plots.
I should call HP, but I have to look up the support contract info then the next part I am convinced takes years off my life:  going through their cumbersome telephone help system.  Cisco and Dell have much more direct and less infuriating support systems (once you prove you've given them enough money). It's a lot like getting health care:  Proof of insurance and the co-pay are done up front, then the doctor will see you.
Still, with Dell, Cisco and Tallahassee Memorial you get help after you proved you have already paid.  With HP it's hit or miss.   They use the same phone number for printers, plotters, scanners, desktops, tablets, high end servers and core networking equipment.
That results in millions of people going through that one telephone number.

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