shrug-l: Python with ArcGIS Alert - possible problems with some workflow especially if using Geometric Networks

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Thu Apr 2 15:52:59 EDT 2015

Esri just announced a potential issue with some Python and ArcObjects
workflows. So if you have or are developing your own scripts and tools using
python or ArcObjects, this may cause you some problems. Here is the
information Esri just sent out on this issue:


When using Python to execute geoprocessing tools and explicitly starting and
stopping the edit session through the da.Editor, network inconsistencies can
be introduced. The initial technical support incident reported the
geoprocessing "Append" tool could introduce network inconsistencies.
However, further investigation has identified that all geoprocessing editing
tools called through Python, which start and stop edit sessions, have the
potential to introduce network inconsistencies. 


What You Need to Do
We are working hard to deliver a patch to address this issue as soon as
possible. In the meantime,

*	If your organization is using geoprocessing editing tools with
geometric network data using Python, Esri recommends suspending use of the
geoprocessing tools until the patch is available. The equivalent
functionality can be safely executed in ArcMap or ArcCatalog. 
*	When using ArcObjects, the same issue can be encountered if the
application releases all of the memory pointing to all of the classes of a
geometric network that have been opened and edited in an edit session prior
to the calling "StopEditing(true)." For these specific ArcObjects workflows,
to avoid the risk of introducing network inconsistencies, the program should
be modified to move the calls to release the memory pointing to all of the
geometric network classes to after the call to stop editing.


What You Can Expect
A general patch that will work with ArcGIS 10.0 Service Pack 5, ArcGIS 10.1,
10.1 Service Pack 1, 10.2, 10.2.1, 10.2.2, and 10.3 will be made available
soon. The fix will also be included in a subsequent Utilities and Telecom


Esri support does have tools to help determine if you scripts have caused
inconsistences in your geometric networks or not. More technical details are
provided in knowledge base article ID: 44085
ail&utm_term=102102&utm_content=article&utm_campaign=software_alerts_2015> .
Please refer back to this KB article for status updates on the release of
the patch.


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