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In the "Generalization" toolset, there are two options that might work for you.  "Simplify Line" and "Smooth Line" each behave similarly, though I imagine "Simplify Line" is what you are looking for.

For "Simplify Line", there are two algorithm options used to simplify:
Simplification Algorithm
Specifies the line simplification algorithm.

POINT_REMOVE-Keeps the so-called critical points that depict the essential shape of a line and removes all other points. This is the default.
BEND_SIMPLIFY-Keeps the main shape of a line and removes extraneous bends.

Then for each algorithm there is a tolerance input for each:
Simplification Tolerance
The tolerance that determines the degree of simplification. A tolerance must be specified, and it must be greater than zero. You can choose a preferred unit; the default is the feature unit.

For POINT_REMOVE algorithm, the tolerance you specify is the maximum allowable offset of each vertex from its original location. This value may be reduced locally in some areas when the option is used to resolve topological errors.

For BEND_SIMPLIFY algorithm, the tolerance you specify is the length of the reference bend baseline.

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I was given a point file with points that can describe a line with the points far too close together.
I believe it was streaming data from a GPS on a bicycle. It seems like there should be a simple way to generalize the points, taking out 4 of every 5 - or leaving in only one of every five points.
I can't dig it out of ArcGIS documentation.

Any ideas?  I can't be the first person to run into this.

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