shrug-l: ArcMAP Index Grid, feature list

Bret Whiteley bretwhiteley at
Thu Apr 23 09:53:35 EDT 2015

I am creating a simple map of state owned lands in my County.  I want to
use a lookup table that I can use to list a number of attributes and
associate with the FID between features on the map and the table list.
That part is easy - but I would like to also associate an index grid on the
table.  I can easy create an reference grid using the data frame
properties, but is there a trick to identify which features are in which
cell of the grid?  The other option is to use the "Grid Index tool" but
then I would have to manually create labels on the map borders for the
column and rows.  This seems like a simple project - anyone have a trick I
can use?

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