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Good morning everyone,

One areas of professional development we tend to overlook as be progress in
our careers is to develop leadership and management skills. We all focus on
learning new technical skills whether it is python, JavaScript, SQL, the
latest Esri product and so on.  We don't go looking for courses on how to
manage a team of people or budgets. We don't sign up for courses on how to
calculate ROI or strategic planning. At least not until we suddenly find
ourselves in a leadership and management role. Then we scramble to figure
out how we are supposed to do all these things. I know I did. So  I
encourage you to look at the URISA Leadership Academy (ULA).  


The ULA can help you fill in the gaps your technical training has left in
areas of management and leadership. It was developed by experienced and
respected GIS Leaders that have been in your shoes and had to figure out how
to make it work. You will learn how to be a better leader, budget, calculate
ROI, put together a strategic plan and more. I really wish there was a
program like this when I first moved into management.  Several SHRUG members
have already attended this program in the past such as Scott Weisman and
Keith Sandell. I am sure they will tell you what a great program this is. 


For more information go to - 


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