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Thanks for your interest in FGDL data. In regards to our school data, we 
currently have two layers that have school information:
This is a point layer derived in-house via geocoding here at GeoPlan 
based on a number of sources. After geocoding the points are moved to 
their proper location using varying techniques.

We don't do anything to this layer, it is just a selection from the 
parcels (hence no college names). Some parcels identified in this layer 
have been assigned their land use designation based on the owner of the 
property (i.e. the school district) rather than their current use. In 
such cases, these lots may actually be vacant and/or used for parking or 
other purposes related to the owner. To better identify spatially 
accurate school locations, this layer should be used in conjunction with 
FGDL Layer Florida Public and Private Schools (FGDL layer name = 

You might try selecting GC_SCHOOLS_MAY12 where TYPE = 
'COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY'. Then find the nearest polygon in PAR_SCHOOLS_10. 
This would give you a starting place for a layer that would have school 
parcel boundaries with the actual school name. We are currently working 
on this very process and the output will be a new layer to FGDL called 
SCHOOLSBND. We are not sure of the exact release date at this moment, 
but we are guessing 2nd quarter 2015.
Hope this is helpful for you.

Sam Palmer

On 1/23/2015 9:39 AM, Milla, Katherine A. wrote:
> Regarding university campus parcels, the layer at Geoplan does not 
> have the actual names of many of the colleges and universities 
> attributed with the polygons, so it's pretty useless for my needs.
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> Can anyone out there in SHRUGland point me to a layer that has all the 
> university and community college parcels in Florida?  I need all the 
> parcels, including branch campuses.
> Thanks
> Katherine Milla
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