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Hi Janelle,
I would be happy to assist in any way that I can.  Unfortunately I don't have webmaster skills either.  I would be happy to be part of the committee in any capacity.  I always have lots of ideas :)

K. Milla

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Hi Katherine,

We are in the process of updating the website in preparation for the 2015 workshop, so as we work through this process, there will be a period of transition. As we rely on the assistance of volunteers, this task has to be completed in committee member's free time. The updating and maintaining of the website requires a substantial amount of time and programming abilities, which we do not have in large supply. If you would like to assist SHRUG in the updating of the website, we would be happy to have your help. This request also goes out to any SHRUG listserv member with HTML, Javascript, and .Net programming experience.

I'd also like to point out that SHRUG has an email address (comments at<mailto:comments at>) that can be utilized for questions such as this, as they will go directly to the board members.

Janelle Versnick
SHRUG President

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Hello Shruggies.  I am wondering why the SHRUG website doesn't have up-to-date information on it.  The main page advertises the 2013 workshop and invites you to sign up for it.  The most recent workshop shown when clicking on the "Workshops" link is for 2010.  The most recent quarterly meeting shown is for 2008.  It looks like the site has been sitting for two years.  I am not saying this to criticize the web site.  I just want to direct some people to the page and I am concerned that it looks like we are not an active group.

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