shrug-l: Many MOOC thanks!

K. Leah Lewis lewis at
Mon Jun 8 14:51:19 EDT 2015

Good afternoon!  I wanted to touch base and say hello and thank you to all
of our MOOC students from Shrug. It is great seeing familiar names and
agencies on the discussion board.  The team and I really appreciate all of
the local support for this massively open course. Shruggers rock!

Student participation has far exceeded our expectations.  Currently, we
have 3200 people enrolled and have awarded 1132 badges and it’s only the
beginning of Week 4.  If you are curious about the course, there is still
time to check it out! More information can be found here --

Hope you all have a great week!


K. Leah Lewis, MS, GISP
Outreach Coordinator - GIS Online
University of West Florida <>
850.396.2770 (Google Voice/Summer 2015)
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