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I went through three ESRI techs and some very helpful other people, primarily Kim Steele from Okaloosa County.
Today an ESRI tech solved the problem for single house addressing.  This is not intuitive.

After reading the various types of ESRI Geocoding I felt most are pretty much worthless. If you can't place a street address, little else matters.  I remember AHCA's first Data Warehouse- they paid a few million for zip-code centroid 'geocoding.'  And they tried to use it. They would not use the GDT contract data I had because it would have been too much coding I guess.

For local precision you have to build a geocode locator. I've done ~ 300X in the last week so I have the process memorized (700 more times and I will be an expert).

I have address data for every structure in the county:  all in separate fields,  Ie,  366, Church, St, North, Spartanburg, SC, 29301, Northing, Easting... other stuff
After breaking my data to be geocoded into separate fields, I tried various ways of concatenating it, including Number+street+direction+city+zip+state
That didn't work either.  Today Cynthia from ESRI did the share screen again,  ran through a couple of unsuccessful trials, then read more carefully.

To geocode for "single house" all fields in the data to be geocoded must be independent EXCEPT StreetNumber+Street+type+direction.  They must  be in a single field.
Then it worked.
That makes no sense>  I built the Geolocator telling it to read every field independently, the way GDT did in 1998.
Regardless, it worked.  I've stopped looking for a reason, I'll just take the solution as it stands.

Bill Porter
Spartanburg County GIS Addressing
864 596 3257

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