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Hi all,

So I need some help in setting up editing in ArcGIS Online/Collector/map apps.

I am working with the emergency shelter point layer in the public safety planning feature set of the LGIM.  I have published the layer as a feature service and added it to a map in ArcGIS Online.  After saving the map I started my testing of edit functions.

When in ArcGIS Online or the collector app (dynamic not downloaded version of the map) or the ArcGIS App for iPhone I can edit fields within the existing shelter point data that I have.  For example change the status of a shelter from open to close, change number of bed used, and on and on.  This information shows immediately on other devises viewing the map after a quick moving of the map to refresh.  It also shows up in ArcMap when I have the emergency shelter layer from the geodatabase after I refresh the geodatabase in ArcCatalog from within ArcMap.  I have also determined that I can delete an existing point from the map in ArcGIS Online or Collector app as well as move a point to another location.  All edits show across devices and ArcMap after refresh.

The one edit task that I cannot get to work is add a new point (shelter) to the map in ArcGIS Online or Collector.  In ArcGIS online I get the "Add Features' tab when I click on 'edit'.  I can choose a shelter point, i.e. Open, and when I move the cursor over to the map I get the "Click to add a point" box next to curser.  However when I click nothing happens.  In ArcGIS app or Collector similar function happens.  I can pick a place to add a point, populate the fields with data, but when I go to submit I get an error message saying, "An error occurred while posting feature edits: unable to complete operations." (ArcGIS App) And, "Update Failed, Unable to complete operation.  Internal error during object insert." (Collector App)

When I checked to feature service it appears that all function for editing is enabled.

Copy of text from bottom of feature information page.
Capabilities: Create,Delete,Query,Update,Uploads,Editing

Sync Can Return Changes: true

Is Data Versioned: true

Supports Rollback On Failure: false

Supported Operations:   Query   Apply Edits   Add Features   Update Features   Delete Features   Generate Renderer   Return Updates

So to recap.  I have a feature service that has been published from ArcMap and being consumed in ArcGIS Online.  I can edit existing features of the service in ArcGIS Online map, Collector App, and ArcGIS App.  The edited fields are pushed to the Geodatabase and upon refresh they show up in ArcMap.  I can delete existing features also.  Only thing I cannot do is add a new point to the feather data.  Of note not mentioned before, when I view the service in ArcGIS Online I do not see the check boxes for 'Enable editing' on the settings tab under Feature Layer Settings.  I do have a test layer I uploaded to ArcGIS Online as a hosted services that does have the editing check box and allows full editing of the layer like I need but since it is hosted the data does not go back to our LGIM geodatabase.

Anyone out there adding new features using a feature service in collector/ArcGIS Online or the ArcGIS App?  How did you set your data up or service settings?  What am I missing.

Thanks all,

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