shrug-l: Geo issues and monitoring this election?

Rick Labs rick at
Fri Oct 28 14:36:34 EDT 2016

Was just wondering if any Counties are entertaining any additional
election monitor "guests" this election season? (Especially monitors
from *outside *your County, outside your state, outside the U.S.)

Any concern your County counts may be subject to possible fraud or
manipulation from within your county?

Any concern that your County counts might get altered after they are
transmitted out of your County and "up" the summation chain?

Any tension around*district polygons*, who's in, who's out by address?
*Residential **Address currency*?  Getting positive ID on voters?
Insuring they only get a single vote?

Any additional prep to become "bulletproof" if there is a detailed,
prolonged audit called for after results are in?

Off the record, are you happy with the /internal control environment/ at
your County for this election, believe it to be rock solid reliable?


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