shrug-l: ArcGIS Pro - Be careful when using Custom Project Templates especially if you use File Geodatabases or Shapefiles

Tripp Corbin tcorbin at
Thu Aug 3 15:15:16 EDT 2017

While ArcGIS Pro has become an impressive application, making use of 64 bit
.NET architecture with a modern ribbon interface, I have found it does have
some gotchas which can make you pull your hair out. 


One of these is when you try to use a custom project template. ArcGIS Pro
makes use of projects instead of individual mxd files much like the old
ArcView GIS software did. A single project can contain multiple maps,
layouts, data connections and more. Each new project must be based on a
project template which does what you would expect a template to do. I have
found one issue though if you use a custom project template which includes a
map which already has layers which reference back to a file geodatabase or
shapefile. Watch this video to see this gotcha - 


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