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So, I am working on a new ArcGIS Pro book which will contain some more
advanced topics than my first. One functionality I have been working with is
using Joins and Relates. ArcGIS Pro deals with these in an interesting way.


In ArcMap, you should use either a Join or a Relate depending on the
cardinality between the two tables. If you had a one to one or a many to one
cardinality, you should use a Join. If you had a one to many or a many to
many, you should use a Relate. If you Joined tables in ArcMap when you
should have used a relate, you ended up with one of two things, either a
table will extra fields that contained NULL values or a table that joined
the first record which was found and ignored the other matching records.
Neither was a positive result but ArcMap would allow you to do it anyway. 


ArcGIS Pro handles it much differently. You can do a joint regardless of the
cardinality and you do not loose data or end up with NULL values. ArcGIS Pro
instead creates virtual records which are displayed in the table. For
example, a parcel layer and a table of all parcel sales over the last twenty
years. You join these two tables together in ArcGIS Pro and select a single
parcel which has sold 5 times over the last 20 years. If you open the
attribute table for the parcels, it will show only one parcel is selected
but will display 5 records for that one parcel in the table view.  


So unlike ArcMap, no data is lost and all results are displayed. Further if
you label by a field from the joined table it will display the values from
all matching records in the joined table. 


I really like how ArcGIS Pro handles joins when you have a 1 to many or a
many to many cardinality. It seems much cleaner than the way ArcMap did. 


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