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Sorry about the second email, but I forgot to include links to these configurable solutions for Vision Zero and Crash Analysis:

Crash Analysis:

Vision Zero:


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A report just came out about pedestrian safety across the US.  It ranks metro areas based on a Pedestrian Danger Index (PDI).  Nine of the worst eleven metro areas are in Florida.

[cid:image001.png at 01D26CB2.6AEB26E0]
You can see more information here: 

We made a Story Map that includes interactive maps with the PDI data by metro area and state: 

This is obviously an important problem that needs to be solved.  This is a great opportunity to apply GIS as part of the solution and make a real difference in your community.  Many communities across the globe are working on solving this same issue with initiatives like Vision Zero< > and Complete Streets< >.

We have examples of ArcGIS applications in support of Vision Zero and Complete Streets.  If you work for an agency whose mission includes pedestrian safety, get involved.  Find out who in your organization is tasked with working on this problem.  Talk to them about how GIS can assist.  Reach out to your Esri account team to see how we can help.

We helped Los Angeles, CA create this site dedicated to their Vision Zero initiative, it uses our Open Data solution and various other ArcGIS technology: 

Here is a 3D GIS CityEngine Web Scene for a Complete Streets project in Raleigh, NC:

Here is a great Story Map showing excellent spatial analysis techniques for analyzing traffic accidents in Brevard Co., FL from Lixin Huang: 

Here is an article that includes interactive ArcGIS Online web maps showing data for Fort Myers, FL and Lee Co., FL: 

This is the ultimate way to show off the value of GIS.  Take this opportunity and run with it.


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