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Adam Carnow acarnow at
Thu Jun 1 08:34:12 EDT 2017

I'm sure everyone is ready for hurricane season and I hope this one is a quiet one.  I thought I should make sure you are up to speed on all the ways Esri and ArcGIS can support any emergency response, so I'm sending these links:

This is the Emergency Management Industry page from, it has lots of great info:

Should you ever need assistance from Esri with disaster response, you can request assistance from our Disaster Response Program here:

Here's a Hurricanes and Tropical Cyclones Story Map with lots of great info: 

Here are the configurable, open source, no cost Emergency Management solutions available to you.  These are supported and will be migrated to our latest versions:

There's more to field work than data collection.  We have a suite of apps that can be easily integrated to support the entire field operations workflow (Plan/Prioritize, Coordinate, Navigate, Capture, Monitor).  So be sure to check out our Apps for the Field:

Stay up to date on all things Esri Emergency Management by joining our virtual meetups: 

For those using WebEOC, here is a webinar recording on the latest ArcGIS integration: 

Stay safe!

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