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Tripp Corbin tcorbin at
Tue Jun 27 08:45:53 EDT 2017

Last Friday, Esri released ArcGIS 10.5.1. This new release was largely to
fix bugs and issues found in 10.5. It did however add some new functionality
to improve overall performance. Most of these appear to be focused on raster
capabilities. Here is some of the new or improved functionality that was
added with this new release.


*	Esri has tweaked the Slope and Aspect tools which are part of the
Surface toolset in the Spatial Analysis extension. They added new parameters
to provide more refined results. They have also integrated it to use a GPU
if one is installed on your system when you use the geodetic methods instead
of the default planar. Using the Graphics Processing Unit increases
performance by taking load that would normally be assigned to the CPU. 
*	When building pyramids and stats with the Build Pyramids and
Statistics tool in the Data Management toolbox, you can now apply a query to
select the raster datasets to be processed. 
*	The Transfer Attributes tool in the Editing toolbox now allows you
to set rules to control which source feature will be used when multiple
source features matched the target. 
*	Esri has tweaked support for Airbus and DigitalGlobe sensors. Airbus
Pleiadas-1, SPOT6 and SPOT7 now support reflectance and display three
geometric processing levels. DigitalGlobe GeoEye-1, QuickBird, WorldView-2
and WorldView-3 now include an atmospheric compensation. 
*	You can apply a new Multiband Composite Template when creating
Raster Mosaic Datasets if you use multidimensional data. This allows you
mosaic dataset to have as many bands as you desire.
*	Esri has increased support for PostgreSQL. This version now supports
the ST_Aggr_Union function with ST Geometry and the UUID is now supported as
a GUID. 


I was not able to find a list of specific bugs fixed with version 10.5.1
that was separate from 10.5. If you want to see a list of issues that have
been addressed by 10.5 and I assume 10.5.1 (since all the links on Esri
websites pointing to issues addressed in 10.5.1 took me to this location) go
to -


As with any update or upgrade, I strongly recommend you test it thoroughly
before you deploy to your main production environment.  



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