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Blue Marble Geographics recently released a service pack update to its
coordinate conversion and datum transformation software, Geographic
Calculator 2019. For over 25 years, this powerful geodetic toolkit has been
widely recognized as the industry leader in the field of location-based
data management and the SP1 upgrade introduces numerous new and improved
features and functions that help consolidate this position. Some of the
highlights of this release include:

·       Support for Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) format

·       A new tool for batch processing of Area Calculation

·       Support for Brazilian ANP formatting of geodetic degree units

·       A Recently Used Files list in all file open dialog boxes

·       Updated geodetic parameters to match EPSG 9.6.3 and HTDP3.2.7

·       Support for the new Equal Earth projection

·       A new option to bulk export geodetic definitions to WKT

·       And much more

To download a trial copy of Geographic Calculator 2019 or to see a complete
list of the new features and functions visit:

Blue Marble Application Specialists will be conducting a live webinar on
Thursday, June 20th, during which they will showcase the highlights of
Geographic Calculator 2019 SP1. This hour-long presentation will begin a 2
p.m. (U.S. Eastern Time) and will provide an opportunity to see the new
tools in action and to ask questions about the latest functionality. Space
is limited, so be sure to sign up today

Thank you,

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