shrug-l: QGIS 3.8 "Zanzibar" Released

Randal Hale rjhale at
Mon Jun 24 09:31:52 EDT 2019

The QGIS community has released 3.8 "Zanzibar".

This is the second release after the last LTR "Madeira" (which also just 
released 3.4.9). The changelog for 3.8 is here:

Of Note:

  * A number of field calculator functions to do everything from
    aggregate fields to manipulating geometry
  * The new Proj 6 (replacement for Proj 4 Projection library) has been
    integrated which now gives QGIS huge improvements in transformation
    and geodetic capabilities.
  * You can save projects to geopackage as well as styles.
  * Improvements to 3D Views
  * K Nearest Neighborhood joins from the processing toolbox.
  * Direct access to sheets in your XLS/ODS Spreadsheets

....and more things than anyone wants to read here.

As always - I'd wait just a day or so before downloading 
( as the group is 
finishing up packaging the release and possibly finalizing any bug fixes 
(mac installers always tend to lag a little behind). This release will 
be good for 4 months. If you are in a corporate/education environment 
I'd suggest sticking with the 3.4.9 Long Term Release

Happy QGIS'ing,


Randal Hale
rjhale at

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