shrug-l: ArcGIS Pro 2.7 Released - What new goodies does this new version contain?

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Thu Dec 17 11:46:10 EST 2020

  Hello everyone,
Esri has released ArcGIS Pro 2.7. So what new capabilities can you expect
in this new release? I have had a chance to play with the beta version and
I can say Esri does continue to improve ArcGIS Pro in many positive ways. I
now use ArcGIS Pro as my primary desktop GIS application.

Here are some of the key improvements I think most users will benefit from
in this new release.

General Capability

·         Connect to GNSS units

·         Layer Blending for improved cartographic output

·         New 3D Object Feature Class which allows for an improved display
including reflections, Shadows, and roughness to provide a more realistic
look. These are compatible not only with ArcGIS Pro but also Maya and

·         Several improvements and new functionality added to charts
including a new matrix heat chart, the ability to export a chart to a
summary table, a moving average overlay can be added to temporal bar
charts, and easily create a copy of an existing chart by right-clicking and


·         New Layer Iterator has been added to Model Builder to allow you
to iterate over the layers contained in your active map.

·         Add to Display command has been added to ModelBuilder in ArcGIS
Pro now.

·         Results from a model are now shown in a ModelBuilder Group Layer


·         Calculate Field tool has enhanced performance for SQL expressions

·         Excel to Table Tool – New parameters for specifying cell range to
be exported to a table and for specifying the row that contains the field

·         Map to KML – converts an entire map to a KML file.

·         New movement Analysis tools – Use point data to analyze and
display the movement of locations in space and time. Requires point data
with time and device data such as cell phone, GNSS Tracker, Tablet or
similar. ArcGIS Pro 2.7 includes four tools that will do this.

o   Find Cotravelers – Determines which mobile devices are traveling
together based on colocation and time.

o   Find Meeting Locations – identifies where several mobile devices have
been gathered together for a period of time to indicate a possible meeting

o   Compare Areas – determines areas where devices have been operating or
moving in known areas at the same time.

o   Classify Movements Events – Determines movement specific events in your
point data


·         Support for mobile Geodatabases

o   Based on SQLite

§  Open Source so no licensing fees

§  Cross-platform support and portable

o   The first step in developing interoperability between ArcGIS Pro,
Mobile Apps, and Runtime Engine

·         Check Geometry and Repair Geometry tools now work with Enterprise
Geodatabases (SDE)
This is by no means a complete list of the new capabilities contained in
this new version of ArcGIS Pro. For a more complete list, you can go to

As with any new software release, it is strongly recommended that you test
the new version in your environment before implementing it in your
production workflows. Remember your environment is unique and just because
others do not have issues does not mean the same will be true for you.

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season and 2021 brings a reprieve
from all the craziness of 2020.
Tripp Corbin, MCP, GISP
Implementation Manager
eGIS Associates (a part of the Davey Resource Group)
tcorbin at or tripp.corbin at
eGIS Office:678-710-9710
Davey Resource Group Office: 770-619-5545 Ext 6722

[image: ESRI - In partnership with Alpine Testing Solutions]

[image: ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10]

[image: Enterprise System Design Associate 10.2]

[image: ArcGIS Desktop Professional 10.3]
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