shrug-l: CA Food Bank Map and the US Military Using GIS to Deploy Medical Troops

Tony Cooper tac10c at
Mon Nov 2 01:33:27 EST 2020
New statewide food bank map shows Californians where to find food | StateScoop<>
Written by Ryan Johnston May 8, 2020 | STATESCOOP. Californians struggling to find food can now go online to find the nearest food bank or food distribution center, thanks to an interactive statewide food map released Thursday by the office of Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin.
The High-Tech Gear That’s Helping the US Military Decide Where to Send Medical Troops Next - Defense One<>
The military doctors and nurses who deployed to New York City in April brought more than much-needed help to overwhelmed hospitals. They also brought a new iPhone app that gives their commanders a ...

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