shrug-l: Using GIS to Assist the Visually Impaired and Other Reads (1/2)

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Tue Nov 10 00:53:01 EST 2020
Hi-Res GIS Weather Layers Are Essential To Business And Government<>
Recent advancements both in the weather industry and in Geographic Information System mapping software are increasing the accuracy and timeliness of weather-driven business analytics.
#FireMappers Volunteers Keep Tabs on Quickly Spreading Wildfires<>
In the absence of a clearinghouse for fire alerts, volunteers verify and map reports to keep vulnerable populations informed.

Remnants of War: Smart Maps Help Teams Locate and Remove Land Mines<>
Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) uses GIS, mapping apps, and trained dogs to improve the accuracy and efficiency of demining efforts.
Reveal: Empowering People with Visual Impairments to Navigate the World<>
Technologies such as GIS, machine learning, and assistive devices can help those with visual impairment better navigate the world.
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