shrug-l: GeoCalc Online is now available with a new Point-to-Point Calculator

Rachael Landry rachael at
Wed Nov 11 09:48:53 EST 2020

Blue Marble Geographics® <> recently announced the
release of GeoCalc Online <>, a geodetic parameter
repository, with a new built-in Point-to-Point Calculator.

GeoCalc Online is the cloud version of Blue Marble Geographics’ GeoCalc
library. Recently updated to include full mobile browser support and a new
Filtered Search tool, GeoCalc Online includes all coordinate systems,
transformations, and other definitions used by Blue Marble’s software
products (Geographic Calculator
<>, the GeoCalc
SDK <>, and Global Mapper
<>). Users of these
applications can query about and update any supported definitions, as
GeoCalc Online is continually updated in conjunction with leading survey
and geodetic standards organizations (including the International
Association of Oil and Gas Providers, EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset, the
National Geodetic Survey branch of NOAA, and other academic and survey
sources). These updates ensure the most accurate, redundant, and proven
geodetic conversions and calculations.

Logging into the site with a Blue Marble account will give access to
various actions, such as viewing or printing a definition’s parameters. For
a limited time, this will also provide full access to the brand new
Point-to-Point Calculator at no extra cost. This innovative new tool offers
three operations: Convert, Forward, and Inverse, providing coordinate
conversion and geodetic calculation functionality.

To learn more about GeoCalc Online, visit the website today
<>. To request a trial license, contact
orders at

Join the Blue Marble team as they explore what’s new in GeoCalc Online
<> in a live
webinar on November 18 at 2 pm (US EST).

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