[Sqg-program] EMS and hospital ER preparedness and response to hazmat/hazwaste emergencies

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Sorry for the delay in getting this message out but please review the =
below. Possibly some good training information on EMS and Hospital ER =
preparedness. These types of emergencies have happened to SQG/HHW =
Program and
other hazmat staff in Florida and most likely will happen again.=20

Contact Larry McDonald (mcdonaldl@wfrpc.dst.fl.us) of the West Florida =
for more information.

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ATSDR has provided a How-To movie and manual training CD on=20
EMS and hospital ER preparedness and response to haz-mat/haz-
waste emergencies.  LEPC's received this about 8 months ago.  A=20
local hospital in Pensacola copied 70 CD's for us and we=20
distributed to all hospitals and EMS departments in our seven=20
county region as a part of LEPC training efforts.

I would recommend SQG coordinators get ahold of the double set=20
CD called ATSDR:  Managing Hazardous Materials Indcidents=20
Including ToxFAQ's - Sept 2001 and perhaps either use it as a=20
training video set for the SQG employees as a part of=20
HAZWOPER, and/or work with their LEPC's to see if a friendly=20
hospital or industry will copy the CD's and get the info distributed. =20
The information can be copied if you get a letter of permission from=20
ATSDR as we did.

Some hospitals are simply not prepared to take on a contaminated=20
patient or number of patients.  If it were an SQG employee, that=20
may mean they will either contaminate a whole hospital or ER, or=20
some hospital might panic and go to total lockdown and the SQGer=20
may not get timely treatment at all.

I'm copying to Burt so he can say "Amen."