[Sqg-program] Checklist: Preventing stormwater pollution from materials loading, storage

Perrigan, Glen Glen.Perrigan@dep.state.fl.us
Tue, 1 Oct 2002 09:46:40 -0400

Here is a little piece that was pointed my way that may be useful to =
some of
you, especially for those that want to  do a simple fact sheet for SQGs =
stormwater runoff from loading and storage sites. This information came =
San Diego County.
Checklist: Preventing stormwater pollution from materials loading, =
Runoff can contact pollutants in areas where materials are loaded, =
or stored, especially outside, where they may be exposed to stormwater.
Potential problem areas include delivery or shipping docks and bulk =
areas. Spills, improper storage and sloppy techniques may result in an
illegal discharge.=20
To prevent polluted runoff, the San Diego County Stormwater Management
Program recommends the following best management practices:=20
*	Park delivery vehicles so that spills or leaks can be contained.=20
*	Protect materials from rainfall, run-on, run-off and wind dispersal.
For example, cover loading docks to reduce the exposure of materials to =

*	Use seals or door skirts between trailers and buildings to prevent
exposure to rain and use grading or berming to prevent stormwater =
*	Position roof downspouts to direct stormwater away from loading,
unloading and storage areas.=20
*	Use drip pans under areas that may leak (hose connections, filler
nozzles, etc.).=20
*	Sweep parking lots or other surfaces to remove debris blown or washed
from loading, unloading and storage areas.=20
*	Store liquids in a designated area on a paved, impervious surface
within a secondary containment. Keep outdoor storage containers in good
*	Clean storm drains regularly, and stencil inlets with "No Dumping."=20
*	Use catch basin infiltration inserts.=20
*	Clean up spills immediately to minimize safety hazards and deter
*	Provide training to employees on spill prevention, containment and

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