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Perrigan, Glen Glen.Perrigan@dep.state.fl.us
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 16:03:23 -0500

I am passing this question to the listserver group in hopes that someone =
answer the question below. Thanks. Glen

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Subject: Mulch piles and GIS


At the conference in St. Pete during one of the breakout sessions it was
mentioned that one could use GIS to give the square footage of a mulch =
using the GPS walkpack for the perimeter.

Do you know of anyone doing that now? We have had a case here where the
individual who owns the facility moves the piles around a lot and this =
be a fair way for both sides to agree on the amount of mulch =
into the facility by using the GIS/GPS information and computations.

I have already spoken to the panelists and non of them remember saying =
knowing anything about this method so it must have come from the =
Maybe South Florida is using this? I am not sure, but this would help =
us greatly in being fair in computing the 50% rule.

Appreciate the assistance,

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