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More cross-posting for some. Good info on e-waste.

EPA sets deadline for e-waste dilemma

WASHINGTON (May 9) -- Time is running out for stakeholders to develop a
voluntary nationwide solution to deal with electronic waste.=20
Marianne Lamont Horinko, assistant administrator for the U.S. =
Protection Agency=B4s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, told
attendees of the Electronic Industries Alliance=B4s Environmental Issues
Council meeting May 6 that the government expects a solution soon.=20
Participants in the National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative =
met in June 2001 in San Francisco with the high hopes of developing an
electronic waste collection and recycling system. They=B4ve met several =
since, but sticking points such as the financing of the system have kept =
from agreeing on a solution.=20
"[NEPSI] must rally around one or two workable options soon, or it =
close up shop," Horinko said. "Even if good progress is made, I think =
NEPSI should conclude its efforts by no later than year=B4s end."=20
NEPSI stakeholders are looking at four options to finance a national =
said Scott Cassel, director of the Product Stewardship Institute in =
which is representing government agencies in the dialogue.=20
"I see it as a light fire lit under the manufacturers," Cassel said. "I =
there=B4s an opportunity now that all stakeholders have to come to an
The first option calls for manufacturers to partially internalize =
and recycling costs. Proponents argue this approach would be the most
efficient because it gives electronics makers a strong incentive to =
design their products for the environment.=20
An advanced recycling fee is another possibility. Manufacturers or =
would tack on an environmental service fee on certain electronics to =
fund the
management of end-of-life products. The other two options are hybrids
involving advanced recycling fees and partial cost internalization.

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