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Copied from "Waste News", November 21, 2006

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EPA transfers La. hazwaste collection to Army Corps of Engineers

Nov. 20 -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is transferring the
management of hazardous waste collection sites in Louisiana as part of
the hurricane recovery effort to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

The EPA and the Corps will maintain high levels of collaboration and
communication for the planning and execution of the work for conformance
with federal, state and local requirements, according to the EPA. 

The average person will not see any changes to the disposal process,
according to EPA Incident Commander Nancy Jones. The Corps already was
collecting household hazardous waste and electronic waste curbside in
the impacted areas. 

"The only difference is that the Corps will be running the collection
site in Orleans [Parish] and arranging the transportation and disposal
of the hazardous waste instead of EPA," Jones said. 

Specifically, the Corps will collect, stage and dispose of household
hazardous waste collected from properties demolished in Orleans Parish,
and stage and dispose of household hazardous waste from St. Bernard
Parish. The EPA will continue to collect the household hazardous waste
in St. Bernard Parish, oversee landfill management and home demolitions,
and conduct follow-up sediment and air sampling as needed. 

The new agreement will increase efficiency of operations and reduce
costs for taxpayers, according to the EPA.


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