[Sqg-program] Double Olympic gold?

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Subject: Double Olympic gold?

Just in

Sunsationals "Ready" for Double Gold - Are They Able?

-        "On-The-Scene" Earlene in Plant City
Fresh from a week of training in the tropics, a smug Sunsationals' Al Gomez declared that his team "will be ready to defend the Gold Medal and proceed to Portland and win Gold also."  Had the Sunsationals been successful in recruiting Miquel Colon, OC USMC, this reporter could have given Gomez's declaration the benefit of the doubt. Colon is in a HazWaste Olympics class by himself. There is no equal on the national scene. Gomez dispelled the rumor that the Sunsationals were recruiting Colon, discarding the Orange County star like an old pair of socks. Instead, Gomez and his minions are looking to second-rate national talent.  This reporter's guess is that the Sunsationals will fill their ranks with a Northwesterner in a vain attempt to sway the judges and home-town spectator crowds at the nationals in Portland.  Without Colon, however, the Sunsationals' brief sun of gold from 2010 will set in Lakeland and not rise again in Portland.

Gomez bragged that his weeklong training in Colombia has taken him to "higher levels." A spokesman from the office of The Commmish interpreted that as a reference to the side effects of Gomez ingesting large volumes of mojitos.  Judging from the enlarged size of Gomez's right arm, the one he uses for hoisting mojitos, that observation is likely right on the mark. There is one way for the Sunsationals to remain competitive this year: Perrigan could show.  The Perrigan camp has so far been tight-lipped on that. So, if Perrigan shows, and if Gomez's leg of the competition involves superior right arm strength, the Sunsationals might be "ready." Looking at the other known and secret Olympic teams registered for the Lakeland games, it still remains to be seen whether the Sunsationals are also "able."

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