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Subject: Haz Waste Olympics - last report

She said this would be her last column before the games.

Talkin' Haz Waste Olympic Trash: Sunsationals and Mangos Go Ear-to-Ear; A Stand-In Commish?

                -"On-The-Scene" Earlene (Olympic Ground Zero in Lakeland, FL)

The last NAHMMA Florida Caribbean Chapter's planning committee teleconference for the upcoming weeklong annual workshop in Lakeland disintegrated into a trash talking, ear-to-ear confrontation between the swaggering Sunsationals team captain, Al Gomez, and the self-deprecating Mango man, Jack Price.  Gomez, succumbing to his hot-blooded Latin streak, got loud and boisterous about the Mango team's abilities. Price, calling on the cool ways of his youthful upbringing north of the Mason-Dixon line, at first tried to tone down his rejoinders to Gomez's accusations. Then 30 years of living in the Florida tropics pushed Price down to Gomez's level as the squabbling escalated. Only the cool hand of Chris Gilbert, a non-Olympian Gator from Gainesville, prevented a real blow up as he threatened Sunsational and Mango alike that his hand was poised over the "mute all" button on his phone if they didn't tone it down.  Both got in a parting shot, though. Gomez blurted out that he might have to "go back to his Colombian training camp to calm down in time for the games."  Price tossed a fast ball at Gomez with the terse statement of fact "Next Wednesday, Gomez, next Wednesday."  Curiously, other Olympic team members on the planning call were mum.  Fear?  Timidity? Humility? Can't talk trash? Or just good sports who are content to sort out who can beat who on the Olympic field next week?

Rumors continue to swirl.  Unconfirmed reports indicate that Jim "The Commish" Reece may appoint a stand-in Commish to conduct the games.  That in and of itself is troubling enough as Reece's steady hand would be missed in keeping the games civil. Even more ominous, however, is the rumor that his stand-in will be Gabrielle "Gabby" Drice.  Gabby's ability to keep a lid on rambunctious competitors is in no doubt. We have seen her do the same in the cerebral version of the Haz Waste Olympic competition, Wheel of Hazards.  The real question is will Gabby keep her Broward County loyalty from favoring Broward's Sunsational team?  It would be a sad day for the Games if the Commish's objectivity  was seen as anything less than pure.  Most observers are cautiously optimistic that Gabby will be fair and impartial even in the face of the Sunsationals known affinity for trying to get any advantage, by fair means or foul.  We shall see. "Next Wednesday, fans, next Wednesday."

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