[Sqg-program] News from NAHMMA - Collier SQG program in national spotlight!

Perrigan, Glen Glen.Perrigan at dep.state.fl.us
Wed Aug 17 16:24:46 EDT 2011

Kudos to Collier County's SQG Program. A big thanks to Ray Smith and his team for the many years of support for the program and to NAHMMA. Glen

Glen Perrigan
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS4560
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400
glen.perrigan at dep.state.fl.us

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Some well-deserved recognition for Collier's SQG program! Congratulations!

John L. (Jack) Price
Environmental Manager
Waste Reduction MS 4555
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
2600 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL  32399-2400
Fax: 850.245.8811
john.l.price at dep.state.fl.us<mailto:john.l.price at dep.state.fl.us>
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NAHMMA 2011 Board of Directors

Dave Waddell, President
Local Hazardous Waste Management Program, King County, WA

Al Gomez, Vice President
Broward County (FL) Environmental Protection

Gena McKinley, MPH, Secretary
City of Austin Solid Waste Services

Lara Isch, Treasurer
SHAW Group

Cheryl Lofrano-Zaske, Assistant Treasurer
Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation

Greg Boe
Scott County (MN) Environmental Health

Curt De Brunner
EQ - The Environmental Quality Company

Kelly Freeman
Capital Area Council of Governments (TX)

Teresa Gilbertson
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Jeff Gloyd
Waste Management

Victora Hodge
City of Denton (TX) HHW

Sandra Keil

Kelby Neal
PSC Environmental Services

Mike O'Donnell
PSC Environmental Services

Rita Perini
Brevard County (FL) Solid Waste Operations

Adjunct Board Members

Sue Bruning
PSC Environmental Services

Ray Carveth
King County Hazardous Waste Management

David Nightingale, CHMM
Special Waste Associates

Jim Quinn
Portland (OR) Metro

Jennifer Volkman
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

NAHMMA Affiliates
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  [http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs093/1103300753923/img/38.jpg] <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-VfyKJDJ0MdzY0g5mQjRBAkrSWG_gwmdz0CtgtVBbMpDcYlojgFrMpsGK5ocgR3l1RSO1IQrjezSUiDOBrbgpwtFCyU_hM-r7hSEPYiVVDl_gIs8ilouCdzk0XoLO-lNgl8ysFe0Di5Dp2hlk3yT7VwVnGQw5h5nHA=>

Dear Jack,
We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter. This month we will open with a note about a new HHW certification program being offered by NAHMMA:

Announcing an exciting new certification!

For the first time NAHMMA is offering the 24-hour health and safety training course AND the newly SWANA accredited certification exam at NAHMMA's 26th National Hazardous Materials Management Conference.

This course is for Household Hazardous Waste and Conditional Exempt Small Quantity Generator (HHW/CESQG) collection facility managers and operators.

This course is a cooperative project between NAHMMA and SWANA (the Solid Waste Association of North America).  The HHW/CESQG Certification course will cover common OSHA topics applicable to HHW collection operations.

As such it should satisfy a significant part of the classroom haz-mat training requirements for operations and supervisory staff within those states that have such a requirement.

If you would like to take this course and/or exam you can register at www.nahmma.org<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-We3egJTR2Ahf-ygCJGZ5Q05hDAQnin0Y-Tkr4YckKiRHIsndV22KypQASKuIQvavGFb8bAPzZ69YHwNyn6AzPSISGuA8sVXghzNAFXkL7phRZ6c-P_KSvPk07RNjUvZyyKOCfmcKsOAFauuVQPzfhZ>. Please note you are able to take the course only on Tuesday, September 27 at the National NAHMMA conference in Portland, OR.  This is a great way to become one of the first to be "HHW Certified" by NAHMMA and SWANA!

We hope to see you in Portland!


NAHMMA Webinar: August 25

Managing Electronic Waste Through HHW Programs<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-WQtNLs0bCyTlcHMa-uvZYxE1DQ8b4RqH7WI-WjhWp6mIRlD_Pbii4mFmZDYPQI0kA2EGJ8-irCbM6o9hKoo6uwKtt34F8sxCvWEEwiaswMwPjmhE7IdrvVfrteZfFyFX9eL1fR_TC0Pg==>

Space Is Limited

For more information or to register, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-WQtNLs0bCyTlcHMa-uvZYxE1DQ8b4RqH7WI-WjhWp6mIRlD_Pbii4mFmZDYPQI0kA2EGJ8-irCbM6o9hKoo6uwKtt34F8sxCvWEEwiaswMwPjmhE7IdrvVfrteZfFyFX9eL1fR_TC0Pg==>.

The webinar is FREE to NAHMMA members. Non-members can attend but will be required to pay a fee of $75 or become a NAHMMA member at the desired membership level. Memberships start at $75.

Electronic waste is a growing concern for Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) programs across the United States for many reasons: data security, export, environmental protection and regulatory compliance just to name a few. This webinar is designed especially for HHW managers considering the addition of e-waste to their local program and those programs already tackling the challenge. Our guest speaker addresses end of life concerns for electronics and offers guidance on finding the right solution for an individual program.

Presenter Sue Bruning is the Director of Sustainability for PSC. Ms. Bruning developed PSC's LiveGreenNow sustainability program based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. LiveGreenNow focus efforts on the organization's triple bottom line of social responsibility, environmental stewardship and financial stability- PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT. Sue is also responsible for developing external service offerings designed to assist clients in meeting and exceeding their environmental goals by promoting sustainable waste management, energy, and other environmental practices.

Sue believes sustainability is about reducing the environmental impact and enhancing the human experience in both our professional and personal lives. By focusing on the triple bottom line of people, planet, profit business have the unique opportunity to promote a more sustainable world.

Date: Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

Register for the webinar.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-WQtNLs0bCyTlcHMa-uvZYxE1DQ8b4RqH7WI-WjhWp6mIRlD_Pbii4mFmZDYPQI0kA2EGJ8-irCbM6o9hKoo6uwKtt34F8sxCvWEEwiaswMwPjmhE7IdrvVfrteZfFyFX9eL1fR_TC0Pg==>

Registration Now Open for 2011 NAHMMA Conference

Register now<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-We3egJTR2Ahf-ygCJGZ5Q05hDAQnin0Y-Tkr4YckKiRHIsndV22KypQASKuIQvavGFb8bAPzZ69YHwNyn6AzPSISGuA8sVXghzNAFXkL7phRZ6c-P_KSvPk07RNjUvZyyKOCfmcKsOAFauuVQPzfhZ> for the

26th Annual NAHMMA Conference & the 7th Annual National Product Stewardship Forum

September 26th - 30th, 2011

Doubletree Portland, Portland, Oregon

* Registration is now open<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-We3egJTR2Ahf-ygCJGZ5Q05hDAQnin0Y-Tkr4YckKiRHIsndV22KypQASKuIQvavGFb8bAPzZ69YHwNyn6AzPSISGuA8sVXghzNAFXkL7phRZ6c-P_KSvPk07RNjUvZyyKOCfmcKsOAFauuVQPzfhZ> for the 2011 NAHMMA/PSI Conference being held this year in Portland, Oregon at the Portland Doubletree Hotel<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-XH9kbm2xYgI9KWsQARtJMb98Yc0BMhD6-eXIwfSXHhsEAbgY1O48L3iEekSR3jd9xPvzzgUK5B-xecwv_brDZ2nekVkqp0g8IVUqtLV_DkdbdwMabFT9EN7EvFIJXr6Z0LnwwKWu5WOB8ZX-ZXWbXoC4mUChc5P0OrRHqpbdYwEQD1_rCXgARNzr5JyBemVYuES0lq3LgG6Q==>. Conference pricing for the hotel rooms ends August 26.

* Make sure to visit the conference fees page <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-VAkkCshEhUB73A70tHwIXXwFLgAZ2bEvzMc9ublydF14Io1fNYBcRusEq0Gxmot5OG2uLBWcHW1v0q9b9LH3cxLupSB7ZXnJUIsb_CelVjfkNeN-VdnZL0jxwM9tuKXDBatS-T9GCMcWvdPWuK1KT-qf9OSckBiXtM33W7NJ-xJvTNoFAm-zTh> to get the up-to-date list of costs and deadlines associated with registration.

*Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at this year's conference?<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-UALYdeVewZ5QKq9zPXoSjGa08peFEnlADEXCd3jCGbSsHuKcw_Sp8HqQZRcDO9vD_z9Gae_mLQ9J_-vycTtywPfyFzlJAg7JriUyUZwPYE3JQnJQRJ54fyU0jIZf_jc4xjzoqqfbbsvjrZVE5OodR3cj-mOMJZcZi5Y4kTKLbjBrAmLSbCR6A4>

*View the full agenda of sessions, trainings and evening activities from the main conference page.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-We3egJTR2Ahf-ygCJGZ5Q05hDAQnin0Y-Tkr4YckKiRHIsndV22KypQASKuIQvavGFb8bAPzZ69YHwNyn6AzPSISGuA8sVXghzNAFXkL7phRZ6c-P_KSvPk07RNjUvZyyKOCfmcKsOAFauuVQPzfhZ>

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

NAHMMA Support for Safe Chemicals Act of 2011
An Update from the NAHMMA Policy Committee

Building on the momentum of nearly twenty states that have passed laws to address potential health hazards from chemicals, legislation to amend the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) sits in the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, awaiting an overhaul of its antiquated 35-year "innocent until proven guilty" approach to chemical safety.

The law in its current state relies on chemical manufacturers to raise concerns about the safety of their products, rather than prove them safe before entering the market. It grandfathered in the 62,000 chemicals that were on the market at the time and creates burdens so onerous that the EPA has only been able to test 200 of the 80,000 chemicals in its inventory for safety, with partial restrictions made to a mere five.

The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 (S.847<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-XW9AyVxqlBqM6-XbYxKWhbOItfy7ONOGq2WlxhMVHrAkHsqwR9n9BdL2AE5umuQotrdUpBFIPD8sdPh2017bDHuzqQtSRXfjPwoLu6YKywGW0puBQKzXysht1amOXme1z5mWM2c0Ziww==>), introduced to session April 14th by Senator Lautenberg (D-NJ), would shift this burden of proof requiring basic health and safety information for all chemicals as a condition of entering or remaining on the marketplace.

Among the proposed changes of S.847, co-sponsored by Senators Boxer (D-CA), Schumer (D-NY), Klobuchar (D-MN) and Franken (D-MN):

 *   Require chemical companies to develop and submit a minimum data set for each chemical they produce as a stipulation of that chemical entering or remaining on the market, with the EPA having full authority to demand additional information to determine safety of a chemical
 *   Require the EPA to prioritize chemicals based on their level of risk, and provide a public database that will house chemical information
 *   Require the EPA to take fast action to address highest risk chemicals, with the EPA Administrator having authority to take action if any chemical is found to pose an imminent hazard
 *   Requires the EPA to establish a program to develop market and other incentives for safer alternatives, promoting innovation and green chemistry

The bill is very similar to one introduced by Sen. Lautenberg in 2010, but includes slight changes to address concerns made by various industry and environmental groups.

This effort to reform TSCA is very much in keeping with NAHMMA's policy statement on Product Stewardship and Chemical Policy Reform, which can be found on the NAHMMA website<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-WahOgub9IVyfAu6jC4HOyj26FtMiuYZXuEKrWKlGOA5K73XZjDXg9iVtH0l-kgfmTmINifWiLO0d7r1Xkr_v94V2h8SqoFzFkCwDV6gHi5RZzPvqJa5Rs2QeerQc3TFaHHbil4krFb6b6dSMGW-nIw4AZ3W8pHigU=>. NAHMMA's Policy Committee is working on a support letter commending Sen. Lautenberg for his initiative and determination in overhauling TSCA, and advocating for a comprehensive overhaul of chemical policy in the U.S., including TSCA.

Information on how you can lend support for the bill, along with a sample letter of support, will be delivered as a follow-up in the next NAHMMA newsletter.

NAHMMA Board Elections
A note from Al Gomez, Vice President, NAHMMA BoD

Greetings NAHMMA members,

It's about that time of the year again! It's NAHMMA Board of Directors elections time. This is when you get to do one or more of these things:

 1.  Nominate yourself to be a candidate for the Board
 2.  Nominate another NAHMMA member that you think would be a good candidate
 3.  And, on Election Day, vote for the individuals you believe are the best candidates for the NAHMMA Board.

The elections will be held on Wednesday, September 28, 2011. You can cast your vote at the NAHMMA national conference or via email. More details to follow.

NAHMMA is governed by a Board of Directors elected from and by its membership according to the by-laws. The Board reflects the diverse membership by representing the four categories equally, with one additional "at large" member. The Board is responsible for the affairs of the corporation and sets the policies and direction for NAHMMA, with input from NAHMMA members, committees, supporters and NAHMMA staff.

What are you voting for? There are currently five positions open. Each position comes with a 3 year term; the individual(s) voted on by you would begin their term on January 1, 2012. Four Board members are running for re-election:

 *   Curt DeBrunner
 *   Gena McKinley
 *   Michael O'Donnell
 *   Dave Waddell

We encourage you to take this opportunity to nominate yourself or invite anyone else who may be interested in joining the NAHMMA Board of Directors. For Chapter members, we appreciate your hard work on behalf of your Chapter and would welcome that same energy nationally. The participation of Chapter members is crucial for our continued success. Though being a Board of Directors member is a pledge of time, commitment and effort, it's a great professional and personal opportunity. While the challenges are great, the rewards are even greater.  Let's bring that professionalism, energy and dedication to the national board!

If you are interested in running for the board or want to suggest a candidate, send a brief statement to agomez at broward.org<mailto:agomez at broward.org> that describes why you want to join. If you're nominating yourself, please enclose a photo too.

Thank you for all the hard work and time you continue to put into NAHMMA. Hope to see you in Portland, Oregon at this year's national conference in September!

Alfred Gomez,
NAHMMA Board of Directors

NAHMMA Member Spotlight: Collier County (FL)

[http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs093/1103300753923/img/59.jpg]1. What is the name of your program? Collier County Pollution Control & Prevention Department SQG Program<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-VuG9n3VF2wT4mWfcNZYa4KE7oiEzlaojuSEGBTVG1A5qqQfZQrvVTzj7UOlZ7wxLQfGW2nTKxSmfA95oJxQptCIq7xcWBjRoz6maTrvxEc4EBy9IOdOvuZmVooCx_Rb5zdsi0CYZ8DwA==> 2011- NAHMMA Program of the Year.

2. What is the purpose of your program?   The number one goal of the Small Quantity Generator (SQG) program is to protect public health, safety, and the environment from the improper management of hazardous waste by performing regular compliance assistance verification inspections (CAVs) at businesses that have the potential to generate, store, transport or dispose of hazardous materials. Our Department also conducts Certificate to Operate (CTO) inspections at local businesses that have large quantities of hazardous products located near municipal well heads.  CTO regulation of hazardous products against discharge supports the NAHMMA goals because if product is spilled, it instantly becomes a waste. Protecting our municipal wellheads out to the 5 year travel time (isocontour) from discharges of hazardous products or wastes is very important to Collier County.  This goal is directly tied to Department's (CCPCPD) mission is to protect Collier County's drinking water resources from pollution. All of Collier County's drinking water comes from vulnerable shallow aquifers that supply groundwater to both municipal well fields and thousands of individual potable wells throughout the County. These aquifers are recharged annually by surface water that percolates down through porous soils and sedimentary formations. Our SQG Program and the other aquifer protection programs within our Department are crucial as a first line of defense in protecting the integrity and quality of the groundwater resource in Collier County.

3. How is your program funded?   Ad Valorem Taxes

4. How many employees are involved in your program?   7 - (3 inspectors 1 Project Manager, 3 Support Admin). Some of these employees split their time in other internal Department programs.

5. Does your program utilize volunteers?   Presently no, however we are exploring potential costs vs. benefits within the administrative activities of the program.

6. What is unique about your program?   Our SQG program is unique in that it operates within the Public Utilities Division as a separate department (Pollution Control) alongside our Solid Waste Department. Sideways management is a huge part of our success as a department. Our income stream is based from ad valorem taxes and we do not have enforcement capabilities. This unique position encourages us to maintain many relationships with regulatory agencies and places a strong emphasis on awareness and education towards local businesses and our SQG Program. We have an excellent report with the local Fire Depts., Utility Code Enforcement Division, FDEP South Office, South Florida Water Management District, EPA, and Forestry Division.

7. Why is NAHMMA important to your program?  The biggest asset NAHMMA give us is the ability to network with colleagues across the country on issues, techniques, and approaches that will improve our SQG program. This allows us to absorb new and innovative insights into common concerns we share, in addition to unique issues that have the potential to impact our local area (I.e. Meth Lab waste). We share inspection techniques, training materials, technical information, and support; all which enhances and streamlines our daily work load. These yearly conferences especially the National conferences give us an opportunity to meet Inspectors one on one to place faces with people we communicate with.

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EPA Removes Hazards from Minot's Waste Stream<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-VyCNoNpzpUMQw1QEIPnJ1O16HiGIWdqSG_H7sBAvRPEBwEy1E3gcEb35aYHtA0D2_p7FgF6AHs1XIH6tmc2Wnjtjsz8c-_sq9iyyPtOxa7ve_3w1pW7czMpEjZP949AdwmdFaLBEl0F3n_ngh1rWwcEiAs_8xT673ZfPQvYyG0P65TloyiXZcYmkzqJoWc1rl-Tb7OAPq9mvj0jbmKHe-2y309Csglh-TJT7wq86Ex7RVbz_BK9dWoy00omgSXLdS-wMY-gxNTVeZq_rodIMy9>

Hazardous Garbage Can Cause Fire (AZ)<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-VNZu_KHWteLCGVQbQUMhG0xpBLb51vQIwEOp-mxC7gfq37uAlxb70X9Pu0CQYYWq_tovv8ByDSpSbw6e5DFCKQVkCmOq87RBBxJKa7-YfMrutqCV4Sf3k6ijBNZ_FMurPKBJJeAn7iHGD2jHgCqER9S5eQHrBOaK8J6fO5z5Eq5s7QpUlQV819HNnx7v6Dz-8UGUYQHjMlZmyZTebu7LxlEmz4972Gc7Q=>

Paint Recycling Program Praised (OR)<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-XBeilxip0paotlu8dFTt0Xp4Zsl_HyNBWobwsaqhEQ6wE48IPI31Ipm2wszbUiqdWBaX6o_jVie7UQAjnyUC57hk4KtLmDp-urXivkaK9WbC0DMHcKov6iubJAjocS-HcSrh1LiEdxqPRKnQavbbHh7FSiqeFdHaLq129DFvxG5_N0iAxe0oFKVpbIU2q-i0qtvht_Uqfq3HEi__RMUL-dlCivfLGXZE4=>

Cast-Off Paint Primes Recycling Business (MI) <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-UNkD15wLv4VPiaj9IpMNuvOWPVhfBSL63lCP4o__e2CsgEtRzFSBMEk8FrdmBXxjxa5x-wC2G5Lp-bWjb2XSiEv2z-eiofaO4EVvhD4ydBbMkSafgXflkW-18Voi3Ym7dwkh0e7CWif2l8uBexma5XBreH6J8S2_CCzJU_iqbmVC0Fx7h2vuCC_bF59_DyXcB5iqXNH_DN9kYEjrbKbfNm>

Cash Woes Close Waste Facility Early (OH)<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-VGDIVzSOQdSrXAXKaP30OjSJSQMJY64we_OrOkR3BSpsJY0yxCYbyfyEzOaLRax7tCJfbPgi3bPdPinZG0rtzrMaG0YfS2IC5IQyGsOWcAyj13IiMcgGSF1-cHafwo9EUZmWDMMFLvVSUFGnyxiFDcKOB3GGLe8Zs=>

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Haz-Waste Olympics: Are You Ready????
- Earlene, on the road again

The Commissioner of the First NAHMMA National Haz-Waste Olympics, the Honorable Jim Reece has scheduled this year's Olympics in the Exhibit Hall on September 29, 2011 in Portland Oregon.  There will be teams from throughout the NAHMMA empire participating.  It is too early to pick a winner, but if you are a betting person, as I am (my money goes with the Florida-Caribbean teams).  They just have too much experience!  If not a Florida-Caribbean team, then who wins?  We all observed how Team Lone Star collapsed in the sweltering heat and humidity of St. Pete beach. Though, they will have an advantage this time around, as the games will be held indoors and in artificially cooled air. As the Commissioner has learned, some teams need extra mollycoddling.

All members will be given the opportunity to wrest the championship from the Sunsationals. Though, from what I hear, Team Mango is still trying to recover from the crushing defeat suffered at their hands. If you feel you can be the team to kick sand in the Sunsationals face, take up the challenge and meet them on the field. Though be warned that following last year's competition John L. Price was seen with his arm in a sling, and Kari was observed kicking a 55 gallon drum down a pasture full of cow patties.

If you think, you can be the team to FINALLY, put the Florida-Caribs out to pasture, you still have time to assemble a team and train. Each team will consist of four members.  If you don't have a team and you want to participate just sign up at the conference and you will be placed on a team.


Since we are now "officially" in the middle of our three weeks of summer here in Minnesota, we are now able to train outdoors. This should allow us to be in tip-top shape for the next HW Olympics!  How many athletes and teams will depend on just how many survive the rigid training programs we have instituted, but more on that later...?

Lone Star:

The Lone Star Chapter of NAHMMA will probably have enough attendees at the Portland national conference to field two teams. But, the Chapter will probably field only one team as everyone's schedule for that week is unclear.

All will be participating in the rigorous training routine though, as they are all hoping to land a coveted spot on Team Texas. Any spot on the team will definitely be earned. The team will be running through the Texas Hill Country to build endurance. Drums of sand will be used as part of the strength training, and an order has been placed for a copy of the State of Oregon regulations, so as not to have a repeat of the Florida Olympics.

[http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs093/1103300753923/img/58.jpg]Chapter President Donald Hardee stated that "A gag order has been placed on the team members, so the rest of the teams will not be receiving any "trash talk" from Team Texas. We feel that didn't work out well for us last year.

"I fully intend to fulfill my presidential campaign platform of HHW Olympic Gold.  I'd like to add that we've chosen our mascot, who will be running the field at our side, with red-eyed, sparkly scaled fury - tossing drums and competing teams to and fro on his 6 foot horns".

In the past few months the Sunsationals Team Captain Al Gomez has been spotted throughout the United States and the Caribbean scouting to replace team MVP Vanessa Cruz, who will not be able to attend the National HW Olympics in September.  All type of rumors have been circulating as to whom will be the new member of the Sunsationals.  One disturbing rumor is that a member of the Mango's will be joining the Sunsationals. To that, Gomez stated "that he would disband the Sunsationals before naming a Team Mango member to the team."  To halt further rumors, Gomez indicated that after an extended search, Team Sunsational has invited Sandra Keil to be the fourth member of the Team. Team member Curt DeBrunner stated "Sandra has all the qualifications to be a Sunsational, knowledgeable, athletic and can beat Glen Perrigan at arm wrestling." The big question is who replaced Perrigan on the Team?  At the Fifth Annual Haz-Waste Olympics in Lakeland, Florida the Sunsationals issued a press release indicating that the third member of the Team (Perrigan's replacement) had been signed to a contract. The Sunsationals indicated that due to sensitivity issues they will not name the replacement until game time. The Commissioner has a hard time believing that whoever was chosen to replace the irreplaceable Perrigan, will look better in a dress than he did.

Handbook on Household Hazardous Waste

Submitted by Amy Caban

NAHMMA members receive a discount on books by going to the NAHMMA Store<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-Xzb0taFdxufdOsG-F8zrPV19BrI-3xze0nv4LMvyyHlGV4kte2dX0VvH8209T_1VhzhZeDybeMrRdXX2Bm72MtdYjboHS1TXvHCtC9yT0H_MLaQ11spVS->, where you'll also find other tremendously useful reference guides, such as:

A VALUABLE RESOURCE! The Handbook on Household Hazardous Waste<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-Urketnu0-xN0GaMN4wTNoMRy82LgU5aFbA-MJ_QjV3aFRxWdqZ1w8u4x13Q66-mAFfmNY_hyYJ8hq11Ut_hUEgJl3vehzfjh-p2svGT9dzOWwBX6G8YI99Y0t80WvDRX_Qyeyzta7fQA==> was written and edited by NAHMMA members. This is THE book on household hazardous waste for anyone in our field.

There's no better time than now to get a NAHMMA member-discounted[http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs093/1103300753923/img/33.jpg]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-Urketnu0-xN0GaMN4wTNoMRy82LgU5aFbA-MJ_QjV3aFRxWdqZ1w8u4x13Q66-mAFfmNY_hyYJ8hq11Ut_hUEgJl3vehzfjh-p2svGT9dzOWwBX6G8YI99Y0t80WvDRX_Qyeyzta7fQA==> copy of this "comprehensive guide to household hazardous waste management" (ARBAonline by American Reference Books Annual).

Within its 269 pages, the Handbook on Household Hazardous Waste addresses topics such as the history and current status of HHW (authors Dave Galvin and Philip Dickey); the mechanics of, and creative options for, HHW collection and management (Sue Bruning and Mike O'Donnell); HHW facility design (Dave Nightingale and Bill Lewry); community-based social marketing for HHW collection (Wesley Schultz and Jennifer Tabanico); product stewardship and the shared responsibility for managing HHW (Scott Cassel); an industry perspective on consumer specialty products in the waste stream (Bill Lafield, CSPA); green chemistry progress (Michael Wilson); and 31 pages of valuable resources (Anne Reichman).

There's something for everyone no matter whether you're a veteran HHW'er or new to the topic.

The HHW Collection Facility Design Guide <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-XXUVJT39qFb5xnhK3xqGEjoXiiqf8L0jyBQiybab2BaUlrWeOhFoyjTQ67EX_FmZigzskIR5vCO9-9ta4uobDNVikIvmv8879zIHnjnhly2RMWjHGRu_qADrTAPiFmqV0oU_qRV-if5g==> by David Nightingale[http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs093/1103300753923/img/62.jpg] provides novice project managers as well as the experienced design professional valuable assistance in developing facilities that meet local project needs, site constraints, and safer operations in a cost-effective and efficient manner.  This guide could save your agency or company large amounts of time, hassles and money if you are planning to open a new facility or expand your existing one.

The HHW/CESQG Health and Safety 24 Hour Training Manual <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-X1ER-wCNi4VL4TwRIr9eCMsFARfhVG3vgDWra3QfbAgJyyhJ54g9e2z2Sk0lRE6xHqAUN39NL_YlJPJy_uba3auNTSDrl3X4PlhGskdsk3KGZocv6k5T_YCca5cE_yt0siqXOdAxvj6A==> [http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs093/1103300753923/img/61.jpg] by David Nightingale, Ionie Wallace and Teresa Gilbertson in combination with the 24-hour training, helps less experienced HHW/CESQG staff learn the fundamentals of safe operations. The information found here is of value to collection facility staff, health department staff, building officials, CESQG inspectors and technical assistance staff, state and local regulators, and other HHW/CESQG professionals who have responsibilities related to handling of these wastes.

New Facebook Page, LinkedIn Reminder

We've transitioned away from our old Facebook Group to a new Facebook Page<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-UDXgR2lQGmpVtKF2tCtXRL_iVz_dHQWzCIrsNk6ctYdzclgbKtMnufsLt5NSnje5zCmMgjQKxm0SEIw8V-TKcXX2xgOcYysk9_lYTuxvx7D4W1jSg_nrBaDtp3IYFNJV5IXiG2PU2C9MW4kDagvVxdHYSTGFinF0ipKU38pPBNdgOo_XeH4jKNufHRmXJ3JvaNvkTkmO5eHOZKBD7KMfRUZ8gGKlHlnB7vJxpQd3qDaw==>. This will help us to be more present as an organization in your social media lives and give you the opportunity to let your all your colleagues know too. Make sure to c'mon over to our new page<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-UDXgR2lQGmpVtKF2tCtXRL_iVz_dHQWzCIrsNk6ctYdzclgbKtMnufsLt5NSnje5zCmMgjQKxm0SEIw8V-TKcXX2xgOcYysk9_lYTuxvx7D4W1jSg_nrBaDtp3IYFNJV5IXiG2PU2C9MW4kDagvVxdHYSTGFinF0ipKU38pPBNdgOo_XeH4jKNufHRmXJ3JvaNvkTkmO5eHOZKBD7KMfRUZ8gGKlHlnB7vJxpQd3qDaw==> and 'Like' us so you can stay current with NAHMMA.
Additionally, dont' forget about our LinkedIn page<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dq5s6qdab&et=1106954094905&s=798&e=001Xg_I_CSJD-VsihWOIvuSF7CWrZtel5-gonDw6P0uz8WyngfdMDgi7MNzBhWxtBq4Bt-JvOtLrxpvdbeKSyEzBVkPM5rPoVZ9sh86UIkn9jTGKY9mebd51PUc4LK_gvfKo7WXn-sv-3BMSGN4WPtCY1kNHhBfASLxMo4ZRwcmSOsG1eCd__cPiBcRZn-cpUOd>, a more professional setting where individuals can ask questions relating to their job and network with folks in similar fields.

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