[Sqg-program] 2015 NAHMMA Conference May 11-14 2015 CALL FOR SPEAKERS

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The NAHMMA Florida Chapter and Sarasota County Florida are hosting the 2015 Household Waste and Small Quantity Generator Programs Workshop May 11-14, 2015 at the Lido Beach Resort, Sarasota Florida.
The Florida NAHMMA Chapter is announcing a CALL FOR SPEAKERS for the workshop.  Plans include traditional workshop events such as the HHW/SQG training sessions, Inspector Training, Hazardous Waste Olympics, SQG and HHW Town Hall meetings, Florida Chapter Board meeting and the Chapter Awards ceremony.
Suggested topics for the SQG track:

*         Case studies of interesting inspections that you have conducted such as dry cleaners, retail stores, hospitals, automotive, salvage yards. Case studies could focus on industry profile that provide the inspector an overview of the industry, business process and waste generation; joint inspections with FDEP that demonstrate joint program interaction.
Other topics may include:

*         SQG and HHW program (or  other county program) coordination and success stories

*         Hazardous Waste Determination

*         SQG regulation overview

*         Solvent Wipes

Suggested topics for the HHW track include:

*         Electronics recycling

*         HHW operational case studies (unusual or dangerous materials, worker safety, new worker issues

*         HHW standard operating procedures

*         Pharmaceutical collection 2014 DEA rule

*         HHW media relations/advertising/promotion

*         HHW facility design, modification, equipment

*         HHW bid/contract preparation, specifications, etc. for procuring disposal or recycling

*         Electronics product stewardship in Florida

*         School chemical cleanout

*         Reuse programs, swap shops

*         Pharmaceutical waste collection

*         Pharmaceutical product stewardship in Florida

*         Pesticides

*         Paint recycling markets

*         Battery recycling

*         Radioactive materials and devices

*         Paint product stewardship in Florida

*         HHW facilities green design and operation

*         Fluorescent lamp recycling

*         Fluorescent lamp product stewardship in Florida

*         Battery product stewardship in Florida

*         Mercury thermostat product stewardship in Florida

*         HHW from foreclosures

*         CESQG waste authorization and management

*         Pollution prevention

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Your participation is invaluable to the Chapter and we encourage you to be a speaker.  With your help we can make this another successful professional development opportunity.
Please submit your name and proposed topic/case study to the Glen Perrigan, glen.perrigan at dep.state.fl.us<mailto:glen.perrigan at dep.state.fl.us> for SQG Program related topics and Jack Price, John.L.Price at dep.state.fl.us<mailto:John.L.Price at dep.state.fl.us> for HHW Program related topics.
Thank You.
Glen Perrigan
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS4560
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400
glen.perrigan at dep.state.fl.us<mailto:glen.perrigan at dep.state.fl.us>

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