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Good morning,

Our office is doing a study on the various fees that we collect to fund programs that we oversee.   In Hillsborough County, the SQG Program is funded through a $40 hazardous waste fee assessed on the Business Tax issued by the Tax Collector's Office.  The hazardous waste fee is assessed to businesses that have been identified as potential generators of hazardous waste based on their occupational code.

I've been asked to survey other county programs to see how their SQG Programs are funded.   If your county has a fee to fund the SQG Program, I'd like to know how the fee is assessed and the amount collected.

Looking forward to your responses. Thanks.

Gerry Javier
Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County<http://www.epchc.org/>
813-627-2600 ext. 1306
javier at epchc.org<mailto:javier at epchc.org>

Mission Statement:  To protect the natural resources, environment, and quality of life in Hillsborough County

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