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Apologies for so many emails, but I was asked to share this with the RIN. ORCR's Resource Conservation and Sustainability Division is hosting an upcoming webinar series discussing the emerging concerns for lithium batteries in municipal waste streams. The first of two (March 22nd) will focus on the impacts at materials recovery facilities (MRFs). The second webinar (April 5th) will cover issues at electronics recyclers.  I will send the invitation for the second webinar when it becomes available. Please see below for further details and registration information.

Note: the number of connections is limited, so you are encouraged to dial in in groups wherever possible.



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[cid:image001.jpg at 01D3B15B.6460C480][cid:2__=0ABBF563DFE7725B8f9e8a93df9386 at emsus.com]
Thursday March 22, 2018 @ 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
An Introduction to Lithium Batteries and the Challenges that they Pose to the Waste and Recycling Industry

REGISTER<https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7340805109174614019> for this FREE webinar or use the Registration URL:


Lithium batteries are becoming more prevalent in American homes and businesses as electronic devices become smaller, more portable and more essential to our daily lives. These batteries are also new to the waste management system and present new challenges to solid waste managers and recyclers alike. This webinar will cover the basics of lithium batteries, the impacts to the waste management industry, and information on lithium battery recycling.

Argonne National Laboratoryis a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center working on how to obtain affordable clean energy as well as protecting ourselves and our environment. Within Argonne is the Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science (ACCESS), which is a group consisting of scientists and engineers from throughout Argonne working together and with industry and academia to collaboratively address energy storage challenges and needs.

Resource Recycling Systems.Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, RRS is a sustainability and recycling consulting firm serving both public and private sectors that strives to create a world where resources are managed to maximize economic and social benefit while minimizing environmental harm. RRS employs industry professionals, engineers, economists, technical analysts, and communication specialists who share this vision and possess core strengths in materials and recovery, solid waste planning, life cycle management, applied sustainable design, and collaborative action development.

Call2Recycle is the premier battery collection and recycling program in North America. Founded in 1994, it has collected over 144 million pounds of consumer batteries since inception. A non-profit stewardship organization, it is focused on educating consumers on the importance of safely recycling batteries. Most recently, it launched its Charge Up SafetyTM campaign, aimed at educating stakeholders on the safe handling and transport of lithium based batteries.


[cid:image003.jpg at 01D3B15B.6460C480]
Jeffrey Spangenberger, Argonne National Laboratory
Jeffrey Spangenberger of Argonne National Laboratory is an engineering specialist, Sr at Argonne National Laboratory with a BS in chemical engineering from Iowa State University. Working in the Energy Systems Division's Process Technology Group and a part of Argonne's ACCESS group, Jeff leads energy research activities ranging from bench scale testing through full-scale plant installations. The focus of his work is material recovery and recycling from waste streams with a concentration on battery recycling.

[cid:image004.jpg at 01D3B15B.6460C480]
Michael Timpane, Resource Recycling Systems
Michael Timpane is a Principal and Vice president of Process Optimization and Material Recovery at RRS. He works with solid waste and recycling companies, materials recovery facilities (MRFs), NGOs, major consumer product groups, international packaging companies, and the public sector. His current engagements include work on batteries from a recycling facility perspective as part of both NWRA and ISRI PSI Chapter. With over 40 years in executive field operations and development roles with the largest public recycling companies in the U.S., Michael has gained a reputation for thought leadership, management, and technical execution in recycling processing, technology, recycling systems pricing, material streams, recycling economics, hard to handle materials, recoverable commodities, and process improvement. Prior to RRS, Michael worked with Waste Management (WM) for 13 years with responsibilities including recycling procurements nationwide, Business Development, Director of WM's e-Cycling business, MRF process improvement, and material stream analysis.

[cid:image005.jpg at 01D3B15B.6460C480]
Carl Smith, Call2Recycle
Carl Smith heads Call2Recycle, North America's most successful consumer battery recycling program. As CEO / President, he oversees the organization's strategy, its education efforts, and its stakeholder relationships. He is known for his deep understanding of product stewardship and its impact on markets. Mr. Smith has extensive experience in strategic marketing, general management, and environmental leadership. He has held senior positions in marketing with Fortune 500 companies, headed environmental organizations, and with major health care companies. Along with advanced degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in public policy, he also has considerable experience in Washington D.C. including on Capitol Hill.
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