[Pharmwaste] Arkansas legislation on pharmaceutical redistribution

Gilliam, Allen GILLIAM@adeq.state.ar.us
Mon, 15 Aug 2005 13:01:22 -0500

Find below the link to recent state legislation passed regarding a pilot
redistribution program for unwanted meds to the indigent.

Go to:  http://www.arkleg.state.ar.us/ click on "acts", then "full text
of acts", then enter the number "162" to view this state's initial
"stab" at re-distributing meds that are un-used/un-expired, unwanted by
the original buyer.

[Not quite sure the author(s) had environmental impacts in mind when

To the Arkansas city (government) pretreatment coordinators,
environmental managers, wastewater superintendents, city managers, etc:

This office recommends "blanket" mailing this act to your nursing homes
and other non-profit health groups making them aware this practice
(albeit, somewhat limited and paperwork cumbersome) is now allowed under
state law. =20

Ultimately, this may help partially reduce what's being flushed into
your collection system and possibly passing through your w.w. treatment
plant causing toxicity to your receiving stream's biotic community.
This serendipitous side benefit should be highlighted in your cover
letter to eligible participants.

Please keep this office posted if you find interested entities.

Have a good week,

Allen Gilliam
ADEQ State Pretreatment Coordinator