[Pharmwaste] FW: General Chapters <661> and <1146>

Stevan Gressitt gressitt at uninets.net
Mon Feb 20 12:52:03 EST 2006

I am forwarding the below note to give the specific citation around
not-re-blisterpacking medications a second time. Stevan Gressitt, M.D.

Subject: RE: General Chapters <661> and <1146>

Steve, the information that I've sent you is currently published in the
USP/NF, so you can share it with anyone inside or outside your group.
General Chapter <661> is the chapter that deals with all the test method and
test limits for determining if a container--glass or plastic--is suitable
for pharmaceutical use.  In the USP/NF, general chapters numbered 1000 and
below are considered enforceable chapters, while chapters over 1000 are
informational.  So, <661> is enforceable, while <1146> is an informational
chapter for best practices for packaging single oral drug products.

The are also other chapter that might be of interest:

1) <1079> Good Storage and Shipping Practices
2) <1118> Monitoring Devices―time, temperature and humidity
3) <1136> Packaging * unit-of-use
4) <1150> Pharmaceutical Stability
5) <1177> Good Packaging Practices
6) <1191> Stability Considerations in Dispensing Practice

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with


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