[Pharmwaste] how do hospitals keep controlled substances out of the sewer?

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Most waste water treatment facilities I am aware of still allow flushing
of controlled substances since there are very limited options to meet
Drug Enforcement Administration disposal requirements. Hospitals can
give an estimate of how much would be involved based on a sample of
their witnessed destruction records. If it is an unused PCA morphine IV
or other relatively high volume, contained drug, it can go back through
reverse distribution through a transfer between registrants. When it's a
cc from a syringe, that's a problem. Some folks squirt it into the trash
or red sharps. 

Short answer - there is no really good method yet. 

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I got a question today from one of our waste water treatment people. She
tasked the hospitals in her district with developing BMPs for waste
They have asked her how they should manage controlled substances that
have previously been flushed since she had told them that is no longer

How have other hospitals handled this issue? 

Sorry for cross posting - I know some of you are on both list serves.


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