[Pharmwaste] 3rd Annual Unused Medicine Converence invitation October, 23, 24, Portland Maine

gressitt gressitt at uninets.net
Thu Jun 1 05:23:57 EDT 2006

Final arrangements are being made for the 3rd Annual Unused Medicine
Conference. It is moving from Bangor to Portland this year which will ease
travel connections. The University of Maine Center on Aging,  which is
providing support for the conference,  is looking for the following input:


All groups that have had unused medicine return programs to date are
specifically invited for a segment that will review practical regulatory and
legislative hindrances and current legislation in the US, passed into law
and submitted, that deal with this. It is anticipated that copies of all
legislation that has been submitted by then can be reviewed for discussion
and recommendations for "model" or recommended state legislation for states
which have not entered into legislative discussions. It is anticipated that,
in addition,  federal legislation can be considered for supporting pilots,
research, or grants. 


Several separate groups have expressed interest, but in order to continue
planning this, we will need to make this preliminary notice and invitation
and invite expressions of interest in order to determine room sizes needed. 


We would appreciate expressions of interest to be forwarded to Stevan
Gressitt, M.D. 207-441-0291 gressitt at uninets.net over the course of the next
couple weeks. With the number of different programs that are evolving,
please forward this to any groups that you have been in contact as our
contact list is very probably not close to inclusive and each of us may well
know of programs that others may not. Or which develop between now and



Stevan Gressit, M.D.




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