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Ads promote dam water that fish have sex in
Sean Parnell 
September 05, 2006
THE divisive issue of water recycling, and whether people should drink water
sourced from treated sewage, has been thrust back on the public agenda days
before the Queensland election.
After the people of Toowoomba voted against taking recycled water to
alleviate their severe drought, the Brisbane Riverfestival has raised the
prospect of the state capital having to use more treated sewage to address
its water shortages. 

The Riversymposium last night heard mock advertising pitches from five
real-life advertising companies, given the task of selling the concept of
recycled water to the people of Brisbane. 

Riverfestival general manager Jennifer Cook said the companies had chosen
approaches that were logical, educational, humorous, and carried shock value.
But even with an election on Saturday, and Labor and the Coalition having
vastly different policies on the issue, Ms Cook said the Riversymposium was
not taking sides. 

"It's all hypothetical, of course," she said. 

The Riversymposium last night voted a billboard with the shock message of
"Let's not recycle water", and its accompanying website, as the winner. 

Ms Cook said her personal favourite was the more humorous concept, based on
WC Fields's famous quote: "I never drink water because of the disgusting
things that fish do in it". 

That billboard, which will be featured with the four other concepts at the
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, declares "Fish have great sex in
dam water" as the agency promotes recycled water as "pure".

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