[Pharmwaste] Pharma re-distribution pilot program

Gilliam, Allen GILLIAM at adeq.state.ar.us
Thu Sep 7 11:09:34 EDT 2006

here ya go Deb:
ode>  is this state's (arkansas) attempt at keeping some of un-used
pharmaceuticals directly out of the environment and be used for a good
cause.  our dept. of health contact said the program is getting poor
participation.  and, as a pilot program, it may be sunset in '07.
Ms. DeBiasi and this office have been conversing about the various
states' actions regarding this issue.  does anyone have a compendium of
states' legislation regarding such programs?  we've googled some from
maine, virginia, oklahoma and a couple others but, again, does a
repository exist?
allen gilliam
adeq state pretreatment coordinator


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