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This is the site for CESAR (thanks to Dr. Gressitt for sharing it), that
contains the legislation from states on pharmaceutical reuse:

It was last updated May 12, 2005 so it isn't as current as it could be.
They include this note on the site:  "We are aware that the status and
content of legislation changes frequently. If you have any corrections,
updates or additions to what we have posted for your state, please
contact the CESAR library at library at cesar.umd.edu."  

Please look over the information for your state, and update as
necessary.  This can be a good source for all of us.

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Allen, I agree this is a very helpful document.  And it sure begs for
other little tiny column..a state contact person for each of those
that could keep up to date with changes and be a contact for the rest of
with questions regarding the state of activities in that state. Just a

I believe DEA is still trying to encourage folks to shy from activities
could lead to diversion, and seems more positive about getting some
that can be replicated, without their having the funds to support those

When we passed the legislation in Maine, CESAR at the University of
did a compilation of all laws across the country that dealt with unsed
and last I looked it was sstill up. It was originally printed with
copies of the entire law and it was massive, it was more readily useable
when they put it on the web. 

Planning is almost wrapped up for the 3rd Annual Unused Drug Disposal
Conference slated for Portland Maine October 23-24, hold the dates, more
follow shortly.

Stevan Gressitt


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