[Pharmwaste] PPCP Training Opportunity (Free)

Grace Scott scottg at michigan.gov
Tue Sep 12 14:33:43 EDT 2006

I just wanted to make you all aware of a series of upcoming web
conferences regarding PPCPs that EPA is sponsoring.  The spaces are
limited, but it appears that they archive the powerpoint presentations
(with sound).
Sorry if this is a duplication.  

Attached you will find a short summary of the 4-part series that is
being sponsored by the EPA National Regional Science Council's PPCP
Cross-Regional Team.  The first seminar will be held on September 26.
Registration is now available.  Please run the tests for the webcast to
make sure you won't have issues with your firewall or outdated software.
 Phone lines are extremely limited, but ample slots are still available
for the webcast. 

Please direct any questions to the parties listed on the website. 


Grace Scott, MDEQ
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