[Pharmwaste] FW: APhA recommendations for drug disposal

Tenace, Laurie Laurie.Tenace at dep.state.fl.us
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Ross - I don't find those
guidelines on the APhA web site either and don't remember seeing this article
posted to the list. I wonder if the writer got his source wrong. Anyone on
the list serve know if these are actually APhA guidelines? If so, please
provide a reference for us -

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I didn't post this on the ListServe because I wasn't sure if it had
already been posted.  Please do so if someone hasn't done so already.

Apparently the American Pharmacists' Association has recommendations for
disposing of pharmaceuticals.  See the article at:


According to this article, APhA (thankfully) recommends against dumping
unwanted drugs down the toilet.  I tried to find the source of this
information on the APhA website
(http://www.aphanet.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=APhA_Websites), but was
not able to find anything.  Do any of the many pharmacists on the
ListServe know of a written APhA policy on disposal?

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