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Interesting is right . . . a post on their website from July of 1996
critically reviewed the book "Our Stolen Future" and had this to say: 
"Basically, the authors contend that trace levels of environmental
endocrine disrupters * mainly chemicals that either mimic or block
estrogen * may result in disaster. Those disasters include lower sperm
counts, increased breast and testicular cancer, lower IQ, more
endometriosis and reproductive failure."

Anyone who has been on this list serve for even a short period of time
knows they lost their own argument against the Precautionary Principle
on this issue, anyway.

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Here's an interesting web site - it argues against the type of things
that we
are all trying to prevent, eliminate, avoid...DDT, PVC, the
Principle...this is how it is described:
"This website addresses the dangers associated with anti-technology
views, as
embodied in Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Such views pervade much of
modern-day environmental literature, and have actually become part of
world's conventional wisdom. The materials on this site focus on
showing the
dangers to such extreme perspectives, demonstrating a serious need to
this approach."

I think it is always important to remember that other people have
views than ours - and to learn how they are supporting those opinions.


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