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I agree that it's important to understand the other points of view on any contentious issue.  It's also important to understand the motivations of those holding point of view.  The "Competitive Enterprise Institute" which runs this site is a corporate-funded anti-regulation activist organization. They dispute the science on DDT and bird losses, instead blaming Rachel Carson for millions of deaths from Malaria--an obvious red herring to divert attention from the problems of petrochemical pesticides and failure to produce more sustainable alternatives.

They are famous for their Exxon-funded anti-global warming ads which state "carbon dioxide--they call it pollution, we call it life", and their most recent campaign  "Send your underwear to the Undersecretary"  which encourages people to mail in less than clean underwear to the Undersecretary of the US Dept of Energy in protest of appliance efficiency rules.  They are funded by many other corporations and extreme conservative foundations to be their controversial "mouthpiece", so they can seem less extreme.   

See the below for more information if interested....

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Here's an interesting web site - it argues against the type of things that we are all trying to prevent, eliminate, avoid...DDT, PVC, the Precautionary Principle...this is how it is described:
"This website addresses the dangers associated with anti-technology views, as embodied in Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Such views pervade much of modern-day environmental literature, and have actually become part of the world's conventional wisdom. The materials on this site focus on showing the dangers to such extreme perspectives, demonstrating a serious need to rethink this approach."

I think it is always important to remember that other people have different views than ours - and to learn how they are supporting those opinions.


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