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Barry Fernandez Barry at clean-fuels.net
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Newton's third law of motion:
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"
(or something like that)

The farther the left goes, you can expect the right to go a little
farther and vice-versa.  One extreme would have us live nude in the
wilderness feeding off of vegetables because they believe any form of
technology or advancement is a detriment to the planet.  The other
extreme would have complete lawlessness and anarchy, every man for
himself, only the strong survive mentality because regulation is one
mans imposition of another mans will.  Somewhere within that equation
lies the balance of practical reality called "in between" where most of
us tend to live.

Yes, it's important to remember people have different views.  But
equally as important is to realize how the extremes effect the actions
and reactions of each other so that the next time you consider something
requiring 'extreme measures' you can expect an extreme counter-measure
coming from someone somewhere.  It's guaranteed.  Having said that, it
shouldn't stop you from pursuing what you know in your heart to be the
right thing.


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