[Pharmwaste] Rachel Was Wrong website and Bias

Fri Jun 8 20:36:37 EDT 2007

It is useful to distinguish between bias and conflicts of interest.  As an 
environmentalist I am "biased" -- meaning I have a point of view.  But Exxon 
Mobil on the science of global warming has a conflict of interest,  The 
difference between bias and conflict of interest is that money is at stake with 
conflicts of interest.

Purveyors of information that have a demonstrable conflict of interest are 
propagandists and their interpretations of science should be treated with extra 

People with a bias may require different levels of evidence to pursuade them. 
 But someone who is bought and paid for will most likely be unaffected by any 
level of evidence.

Carolyn Raffensperger
Science and Environmental Health Network


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