[Pharmwaste] Pollutant testing in 13 volunteers from Maine

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Screening for endocrine disrupting pesticides.

More than 10 years after being directed to do so by Congress, the EPA
will test 73 pesticides for their potential to damage the endocrine
system and disrupt the normal functioning of hormones in the body. The
Daily Green. 12 June 2007. 

Study shows everyday items expose all of us to pollutants.

Thirteen volunteers from across the state agreed to be tested for 71
toxic chemicals--coming from five chemical groups-- found in common
products to get a snapshot of just how polluted we might all be. The
answer is highly. Kennebec Journal, Maine. 12 June 2007. 

Tests on 13 Mainers find industrial chemicals. 


Environmental and health groups say the presence of dozens of industrial
chemicals in 13 Mainers who volunteered for a study underscores the need
for new policies to protect the public from potential toxins found in
everyday consumer products. Bangor Daily News, Maine. 12 June 2007. 

Study finds 36 toxic chemicals in bodies of Mainers tested. 


Participants in study harbor a surprising array of chemicals from
household and personal care products that may seem innocuous but could
have the capacity to cause problems such as cancer and damage to the
reproductive system. Portland Press Herald, Maine. 12 June 2007. 

Toxins found in systems of 13 Mainers. 


Testing of 13 Mainers including a homemaker, a sporting camp guide, an
organic farmer and two state lawmakers revealed a plethora of chemicals
that are toxic or potentially dangerous, according to a survey.
Associated Press. 12 June 2007. [related story] 

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