[Pharmwaste] RE: Federal RegisterApril 30th

Barry Fernandez Barry at clean-fuels.net
Fri Jun 22 14:38:39 EDT 2007

Good question Rachel.

If it meets the definition of an EPA hazardous waste (listed or
characteristic) it's regulated under the Resource Conservation and
Recovery Act (RCRA), except Florida and Michigan who already have a UPW
program.  If it's not, then it's a non-hazardous waste.  Non-haz
pharmaceuticals generally wind up being handled as regulated medical
waste, though I have yet to see any regulation which specifically puts
it in that category, at least in Florida.  Hopefully someone on this
listserve can clarify that.

I believe (and I could be wrong) that household pharmaceutical waste is
state specific and goes largely un-managed, which is the focus of the
EPA's agenda.

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