[Pharmwaste] Med Take Back Programs: Mixed up meds?

Nicole Gattas nmpeterse at yahoo.com
Fri May 4 13:58:53 EDT 2007

For any of you that have been involved with medication take-back programs... 
  We are in the process of finalizing workflow for our program, which will document the medications that are returned.  What I'm wondering is if you have many people that bring back unmarked meds, or many meds mixed (like they dumped them all in a baggie together).  
  I'm wondering how the workflow will be accomplished with this (does the person sit there whil you figure out what is in the bag, or you just mark "misc" for documentation, or document later?)  What about the possiblity they they have controls mixed in... ? 
  Thanks for any feedback!  Its a learning process!  
  Nicole Gattas 
  Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator, Schnucks Pharmacy 
  Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, St. Louis College of Pharmacy 

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